Jade Facial Roller - Sanctuary Spa Houston
Jade Facial Roller - Sanctuary Spa Houston
Jade Facial Roller - Sanctuary Spa Houston
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Jade Facial Roller

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Jade Facial Roller

Enhance your self-care at home routine with these holistic skin care tools. Jade stone is known for its purification and regarded as a stone to support loving heart energy. Jade symbolizes longevity and grace. Using this stone in the form of the facial roller and can help tighten and tone your facial muscles.  

Recommended Use

We recommend you set your intentions for self-care, self-love at the start of using your facial roller. Add this to your daily routine at least three times a week at night for five to 10 minutes. Choose your favorite facial serum and make 5-10 passes on each section of your skin. Always use upward motions, starting from the center of the face and working out toward the hairline. Pay close attention to areas of your face with more prominent lines and wrinkles. Use a gentle-yet-firm pressure, according to your comfort level. Use a softer touch around the eyes and avoid rolling directly ever the eyes.

Be sure to thoroughly clean your Jade Facial Roller after each use.