Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collagen Face Mask
Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collagen Face Mask
Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collagen Face Mask

Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collagen Face Mask

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Age-defying, Calming Face Mask

Elevate your skincare routine with Knesko's natural collagen hydrogel rose quartz face masks. Protect against and reverse skin damage caused by free radicals in the environment. Packed with five powerful antioxidants: Vitamin C, Vitamin E, White Tea Extract, Licorice Root Extract, and Grape Seed Extracts. 

Rose quartz is the symbol for universal love. Activate your Heart Chakra for self-love and compassion. Every Knesko mask is Reiki charged. 

Recommended Use

Enhance your self-care routine with this intentional and effective face mask.  Start your nighttime ritual by cleansing your skin thoroughly. Gently remove the face mask from the tray. Apply the hydrogel pads to your face. Gently push down on the mask to smooth out any air bubbles. Take deep, relaxing breaths and repeat your affirmation in a quiet mindful meditation, I am love. Leave your mask on for 15 to 40 minutes. Remove your mask, massage remaining serum into your skin. Be mindful and grateful for your time of self-care. 


pearl powder, bamboo charcoal, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, green tea leaf extract, coffee seed extract, tea tree leaf oil