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Rosehip Seed Oil (Organic, Cold Pressed, Unrefined)

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Rejuvenating Face Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil, botanical name rosa mosqueta,  protects your skin from the free radicals responsible for sun damage and aging skin with Vitamin C and E. Rosehip Seed Oil can also help improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, age/sun spots and premature aging. Because it penetrates deep into your skin layers, it provides a hydrating and plumping effect that improves the appearance of visible signs of aging.  This oil is sourced from Chile. 

Recommended Use

After cleansing, add a few drops into your favorite toner. Follow with serum(s) and moisturizer. Make your own lotion or cream by adding Hemp Seed Oil and Lavender Essential Oil to unscented cream or lotion. 


organic, cold pressed, unrefined rosehip seed oil