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Shop Till You Drop Kit

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Bath, Body and Spirit Self-Care Kit

While more of your shopping may be happening online this time around, you and your loved ones definitely need these self-care products year round! 

Create your spa rituals at home and get some reprieve from outside concerns.  Made with natural, good-for-you ingredients and perfect to fit in a stocking.

Recommended Use

Lavender Body Lotion (2.23 fl. oz. ) – Lavender-infused hydrating body lotion. Perfect for that dry skin winter weather brings on. Baby, it’s cold outside!

Stress Relief Bath & Body Oil (0.23 fl. oz.) – Breathe this aromatherapy deeply and exhale your stress. Add to your bath for some extra relief. 

Stress Relief Body Wash (2.23 fl. oz) –  Use in the shower or bath, breathe deeply.

Tranquil MultiSpray (2.23 fl. oz.) – This relaxing and calming spray is great to spray on your bed linens or body, wherever you need to reflect some tranquility.

Serene Bath Salts (4.4 oz. net wt.) – Soak in these soothing Serene Bath Salts. Add 3-4 tablespoons to a warm bath, breathe deep, and relax for 20 minutes – or even longer.